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Akello Brenda


I was born in 1990 (30th) December.  But since then life has been ups and downs not very hard yet not smooth especially when one day my parent departed from me to meet their creator. Life became very miserable I felt emptiness within me. The world turn upside down for me by then I was just five years old. I felt neglected because my uncles and aunties took away our properties saying that my dad had left all his belongings for them.

But when I got born again from my Sunday school O began to see that I was not neglected because ther was someone who always cared about how I felt it’s Jesus Christ who has been very good to me  till now I studied because only of his  grace and love for me from nusery and till senior four he turned my misery into happiness.

The present time has not be so hard because he is always besides me ready to provide whatever I need. It’s because of his love , grace and care that has kept me going.

Akello Brenda






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