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Nantume Evelyn


My Life Story

 My name is Nantume Evelyn born in Mengo Hospital on 15th October 1993.  My mother told me that I was too brown when I was born.  I felt happy because I really want to be pretty. Thank GOD for that.

I am really blessed, and she is proud of me with a lot of faith among all children that I am gone, among all the family members, to a good life.  I am a student of mass communication at STAWA University and a resident of Kampala, Uganda along Gayaza Road.

I have a family, and we were born ten children where I am the fourth born, and we are three girls with six boys who are Robert ,Joshua, Ruth, Evelyn Pretty, Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Andrew, Mary, and Sylvia.  Above were the names of the children from my father and mother following the order.   I Am really proud of my family because it has been with me in my worst conditions as you when you are growing up.  We all make some mistakes and we normally learn from our mistakes.   May the almighty GOD THE POWERFULL bless them.

I lost my father when I was six years old.  I hated me and I remember crying at the top of my voice, and I felt like life was gonna end because I had no hope.  All my hope was in him.  I lost all my faith because he had it.  I am the forth in lineage of children at home.

But thank GOD because HE has enabled my mother to really hustle and get money for all her children have finished schooling and we had never spent any day without eating any meal let be lunch, breakfast or supper.   God has still protected my family with the best immune body system and the ability to fight against all the killer diseases like Malaria among others, for we are healthy and happy all the time.

 When I was in primary one, my mother raised me and educated me from nursery where she made me a big birthday bash where it was celebrated both at school and at home with a big beautiful cake.  I had never seen on market on top of that a lot of drinks with still many gifts.  What I can remember about the gifts was the sweetest ice cream, pretty dolls, party dresses and shoes.  I was really happy at that moment that I cried on that day, but I was impressed.

My mother still paid all my school fees for my primary section.  I attended my primary section at Kitopioniar Children's School, which is located in Bweyogerere .  I finished my '0' level at Mandela college school where I was even elected as HEAD MONITER of all both the ‘A’ and ‘O’.   then I was elected as the STUDENT SPEAKER.

I then joined Stawa University where I meet my best friend who I am really proud of I still thank GOD  for making me meet such  a good hearted person.

I want to thank you for the good works you have done for us and as STAWA COMMUNITY as a whole may GOD bless you abundantly. Thank you GOD for all you have done for both my family and my life.

Yours faithfully,












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