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Florence Mukyala


My name is Mukyala Florence. I was born in a family of six, that is to say, two boys and two girls. I am the fourth born in our family. My father is the late Kibuule Patrick, and My mother is Kibuule Joyce whom I love more than any other person in this world.


My life has not been all that good, but thanks to God who has always been there for me. I think you know what  it means to lose the bread finder (Dad). My dad passed on when we very young and our mum faced it rough. Fortunately, we were taken up by our uncles and aunties who catered for us up to where we are right now.


I went to school when I was very young and my performance surprised everyone because I was too clever for life. I remember in my primary one term one, I emerged third best and my mum was so excited about it that she even made for me a doll made out banana fibers, but  I think she would have loved to buy for me a real one, but maybe she wasn't financially ok.


This performance made my relatives (uncles and aunties) develop some love for me. This made them start fighting with each other because everyone was committed to pay tuition and even take care of me. They came to a conclusion, and I was taken over by maternal aunt. She was one of the people who loved me most, but this love ended when I stepped my foot  in her house. I remember reaching her place when it was damn late, had supper and rested.


The first morning at her place was too bad for me because she made me wash utensils, and this was totally new to me because my mum used to treasure me like silver and gold. Trouble came when I broke a glass since it was my first time to do such work. Because of what I had done, she gave me four hot strokes. I cried all day long and wished I  was home. She never felt sorry for me, but after sometime I just let everything go because I knew I had left home for good. She continued punishing me for every mistake I did, but after a while I was able to realize the mistakes I was doing and even learnt her ways and how she wanted her things to be done. And by primary, I could hardly receive  canes, and she became proud of me.


My aunt could take me to visit my mum once in a while, and my mum also appreciated her efforts and the way she had disciplined me. Because of the way she had groomed me, everyone was proud of me and everyone wanted me to go along with them. Because I couldn't decide for myself, this brought commotion between my aunt and paternal relatives. They put a lot of pressure on her that she was forced to let me go. I was quite happy about it unlike my aunt who shed tears for quite some time  thinking of  the time that she wasted on me while grooming and taking care of me.


Little did I know that it was the beginning of the end of my happiness. I went  back, started staying with my mum and my other siblings. Life wasn't all that good compared to my aunt's. Our relatives abandoned us. I sat home for a whole term and no one bothered to check on us even those who were fighting for me. This made us feel sad and advised my mum to take me to a nearby public school.


Although I had sat for a full term, my performance did not decline since I did a lot of revision with my brother who was a head of me. Things become tough and tougher and our mum was forced to take us to the village. Life become a total mess in the village. We were taken to the poorest  schools. Fortunately, the head teacher liked me so much  for he knew I was a first grade material. We had to do all the work before going to school and by the time we were done, we  were so tired that the only thing we could do is to dose all day long in class. We could first do some bit of digging, take the goats and cattle for grazing, clean the house as well as the compound.


This made me hate my grandmother because she was over working us. I could take time and think about my father and wished he was alive because we were told he was rich. I could also go to his grave, sit on it and narrate to him the way we were being treated and also asked help from him. I used to ask him to come and rescue us from the kind of slavery we were in. In fact, I wanted him to take me with him, but this was all in vein.


Time came and I sat for my Primary Leaving Examinations. Immediately I had finished my last paper, my uncle came for me and left for Kampala.  I was kind of happy because I hated digging. I stayed  with him but his wife was not all that easy, but since I stayed with people of different backgrounds,  I knew how to handle the situation. I acted as a maid there in pretence of having holidays from Kampala. They loved me because I loved their kids. Results for Primary Leaving   Examinations came back and I had performed very well. My uncle promised to take me to one of the best high schools in Kampala, but things did not turn out well. I again sat for another full term  without studying but they would lie to me how they were looking for school dues.


In second  term, God answered my prayers when my other uncle came and scolded the one I was staying with for making me their maid rather than taking me to school. He even instructed me to go and pack my things. I did as instructed, sat in his car, and left for his home. I was like, "wow! Is this paradise or what?" because he was too rich beyond my expectation. I was so happy because I found my other brother I'd left in the village there.


I started schooling the following  day and everything seemed ok at home. Everything was good there for example, food, clothing etc. In other words, the standard of living was so high. Our uncle brought smiles on our faces only that he would punish us for our mistakes. After  some years, my uncle got retired,  and because of this and the big family he had,  he wasn't able to cater for some of us. So he had to drop some responsibilities, and I was one of them, but fortunately my mum came back in that same week as if she was God sent and briefed her about everything, and she accepted to take over that responsibility.


Lucky enough, she had gotten a well paying job and was looking so nice. She managed to put me in a good boarding school as well as other siblings and from that day on wards, we have been living a happy life only that there has always been ups and downs, but with God all things are possible. Conclusively, life is not a smooth path, it's like that narrow path that will lead us to heaven. It is also full of ups and downs. But it can be a little easier if you have faith, hope, confidence and determination. This is what has helped me to be what I am today and have some achievements in life and putting God first in everything you do is the best option.






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