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Juuko Jackson


How are you doing? I hope that you are fine. How is America? I heard that there is a lot of strike in California.  Back to me in Uganda we are towards our general elections in 2016 where we shall elect new leadership .  So far we haven’t experienced any injustice meaning that we are in the peaceful environment. 

I am called Juuko Jackson, a student of Stawa University studying industrial art and design as a course in this University.  I was born on 1st   March 1995 at Mulago hospital in Kampala district and I am 20 years of age .I am a Ugandan by nationality.

In our family we were born five children, and I am second born.  My mother’s name is Mrs. Maureen Muyomba, and my father’s name is Mr. Muyomba David.  They are married. They are parents of Joshua, Jackson, Johnson, Grace and Lynet. I live in the religious family, a family which is God fearing, a family which believe and trust in God because we are all Christians, and we usually attend church services on Sunday. I live in family which is hard working.  To emphasis this my mummy is a business woman, and my father is an engineer in building construction.  That’s why they have managed to fulfill our basic needs of our life. Briefly, that is a short history about our family.

I started my education at Mirembe nursery  school down in the village where I used to stay with my grandparents  Mr. & Mrs. Damba.  They used to tell me about my cultural back ground like the tribe, clan and more about the stories of long ago. My village is called Kayabwe in Mawookota district 50 miles from Kampala along Masaka road near the Equator.

                When I completed my nursery level,  I joined Ttula church of Uganda Primary Shool where I completed my primary level and I scored 19 aggregates.  From there I joined Bright Vocational Secondary School. But it wasn’t a simple task because I faced a lot of challenges and changes.  One of the challenges was bulling  and teasing which made me afraid and some of the changes were: change in the subjects yet I was used to four subjects, change in the teachers where I experienced new faces, and change in the environment .  Those were some of the tasks.  And that’s where I completed my “O” Level, and I scored 48 aggregates plus “A” Level.

Finally, I want to thank you for the good spirits you have shown to us, may God you abundantly have a nice day.
Yours faithfully






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