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Masiko Nsereko Joshua Ivan


My Life and My Lesson

My name is Masiko Nsereko Joshua Ivan born in Rukungiiri, Nyakajjeme hospital on 15/April/1993, and I don’t know the where abouts of my parents, with how many sisters and different brothers I have because I grew up on the streets hustling with my life and looking for what to eat in rubbish bins.

I have no family just because all my parents rejected me, and so I was a street boy, thus I started trying to commit suicide like four times, but the last time, that’s where the man Pastor Robert Kayanja of (Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral) found me in the act of suicide, and there he begged me to stop what I was about to do for that reason to be his son, and so he adopted me, and he has done a lot so that I am alive, and I am a reformed person.  I had lived on the streets for almost seven years, thus when I was adopted by the church, there I found another good family which I am related to and am taking care of my life  in terms of accommodation apart  from the church.

I have lived most of my time on streets in Kampala.  I have lived my life like a hustler to the point that I had to form a squad called Ganja weed as its name and our objectives were to sale drugs like spice, opium the inform of injections.  I used to sell lots of grams like 3000 grams in 5 days to the point that the big drug lords were impressed about that.  They wanted to make me the drug lord of some towns in Kampala, especially in clubs.  We could fight on streets whenever we were from the clubs not until one of us starts bleeding, thus when we could let go and stop fighting. I was unsecure whenever I could be walking on the road sides because of street fighting.  Some areas I was being hunted as a fugitive and the police were after me because of the selling of drugs.

A lot used to happen while I was on the streets; girls being raped, men beaten up, robbery, homosexuals were close friends of mine to the point that they promised me both heaven and earth though that the fact is that they are really rich for me to practice what they did.  I liked them because I respected what was their right of freedom, and I used to be open with them.

I went to star nursery school at the age of four years old, and I attended primary section at St. Peters Primary School.   Later I joined old Kampala senior secondary school for my ‘o’and ‘a’ level.

I attended my nursery school at star nursery school in 1998-1999 at the age of four years old, where I really had a lot of fun because I was always performing well; I used to be awarded with a lot of gifts like what I can remember was the black police car toy with 3 glass cups and 3 plates. On top of that, I was also awarded with a full primary scholarship and all my guardians were happy and were real proud of me.  I had always wanted to join primary section because I used to see those there were showing off how beautiful is it to be in the primary section.  I was then taken to Cornerstone primary school (Ggaba) where I used not to have breakfast and my friend called John would always stand with me and what he did was to share the little he got with me.  I spent 3 years there, and later I joined Seers Primary school where I spent two years, and I liked taking care of the young kids at that school by helping them with getting what to eat and cleaning them where possible.  I was still awarded at that school with a big chocolate butter big party cake and a dozen of cups and plates with books.  In my last year at that school, I was appointed as a chapel student`s chief where my objective was to control and lead all students while they were in chapel every morning.  Then I was appointed to ST. Peters primary school (Nsambya).  

In primary six, I started and developed more interests in science as a subject. I made a couple of things from the lessons I was taught, and what I recall is that the science teacher by names of Mr. Nankwesi Grace was teaching about light refractions and reflection, and he gave us an assignment to make a periscope and even try to make a telescope.  I took my time, and I made a periscope from hard soft boards.  I fixed mirrors inside the board at right angled.  I still made it by being the only student who made it perfect as the science teacher wanted it to be.  He awarded me with 10000 shillings, and he offered to me his breakfast and lunch that the school provided the staff for a full week.

 I then made a flying helicopter from the use of wire mesh, and I applied two motors in the each wing which helped my (helicopter) to go in every direction and balance in space and in the tail one that helped it to stabilize in the space. I connected it to a 6.5 ampires of power which could run all the six motors and all the system was being controlled by a remote being held in my hands. I was happy to see my research and all my primary project work come into existence. Another, last but not least, I made an artificial respiration system

where it had air sacs, lungs, air, cartridges, and wind pipes.
I joined Old Kampala senior secondary school for my ‘o’and ‘a’ level. I have lived my most of time on streets of Kampala.    

It was a miracle that I joined Stawa university student of computer science and am resident of Kampala Rubaga division Kayanja zone opposite the Kabaka`s man-made lake which was dug under the supervision of the late KABAKA MWANGA in 1880`s before he was exiled by the British.  My adopted parents’ names are Pastor Robert Kayanja with Pastor Sam and Jacinta Masiko who have set a good person that I am today before I had little knowledge about GOD issues, but now I am well versed with everything that is of GOD. 

Finally, I want to thank you for the way you are dedicate you self to all of us as a whole; stawa community.  I would then want to take this time and moment to the almighty father GOD who act in heaven for the precious life.  He has awarded me with all these blessings and divine favour and glory.  I still thank him for the knowledge and wisdom He impacted me with

I take this time to thank professor Lawerence for the care he has done, together with our best lecturers for dedicating all there time to us.

Yours faithfully,











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