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Atukwatse Loyce


My Present life Experience

I finished my advanced level in 2010 in the month of November. My vocation started since then, and I hope to complete it in August this year 2011.

The course of my vocation has not been all that easy but some of the things I have tried to do during this long holiday is to know  much about God. Through that I have been able to have self control, and he has been able to give me wisdom to plan well.

Helping my parents through work has been another thing I have done during this long holiday as it has given me moral to look for me some school fees for further studies.

Looking for a vacancy in the universities and other institutions has been  another thing I have tried to do in this holiday.  A case in point is Mouerere university, fort portal school of clinical officers and Mulago Paramedical School, Stawa University . this has given me hope to prepare myself for further studies.

I have also tried to study computer lessons at Stawa Learning Institute Ohio is also going to be my achievement during the course of the holiday. Currently I am still going on with computer lessons.

Atukwatse Loyce






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