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Nansubuga Agnes


My name is Nansubuga Agnes. I am a 22 years old Ugandan female, and I live in Nsambya Kampala. I was born on 3rd day of June in 1993 in St. Francis Raphael hospital Nsambya at 11:20PM to Mr. and Mrs. Ssenkezi Gerald of Buwaya Entebbe. I am the last born in a family of three girls d four boys totaling up to seven children. I am not yet married but in a relationship.


My father works with the Petroleum Exploration and Production Department Entebbe (PEPD) as a eologist and my mother retired from being a mid wife and she is now a house wifI started schooling in 1997 at St. Joseph Girls school, Nsambya and completed nursery school in 1998. In 1999, I joined my primary education and went through various schools for different classes. That is to say, in 1999, I went to Christ the King Primary School for primary one. In 2000, went to Baby Jesus nursery and Primary school for primary two. In 2001 to 2003, I went to Jussam primary school for primary three to primary five then in 2004,I went to Tank Hill View Primary School for primary six and finally in 2005, I went to Good Will Preparatory School for primary seven.

I joined secondary education where I also went through several schools which included St. Lawrence S.S.S Sonde for senior one in 2006, World Ahead S.S.S Mutugga for senior two in 2007, Tropical High school Kabalagala for senior three and senior four in 2008 and 2009 respectively and in 2010 joined Uganda Advanced Education (senior five to senior six) and completed senior six in 2011. The reason as to why I could not study in one school was that I am asthmatic and could get attacks often, so my parents could not let me stay in most of the schools because of poor health facilities.

In 2012, I joined kyambogo University and pursued a Science Laboratory  Technology Chemistry, and in 2014 I graduated. But as I was studying at the University, I went through an industrial training 

at the Nakasero Blood Bank (Blood Transfusion Services) mainly in the laboratory in 2013, and in 2014 I got a job at Kololo S.S.S, Kampala as 

a Laboratory Technician. Then I resigned in 2015 because of poor pay. Currently I work with Stawa Community College as an administrator.

To sum up my education story, I have managed to attain good education even though am asthmatic and attended different schools because I was sickly most of the time.

Next, I would like to talk about our culture.  I am Mugishu by tribe from Sironko district. This place is full of mountains, whereby you get some people building houses inside the mountain or on the top of the mountain.

We also have Mt Elgon, where our natural vegetable called Malewa is found. This vegetable is only found in Mount Elgon and not around the world.  

This mountain also acts as a source of tourist attraction. Most of the tourists like the mountain and the way it is created because it is sointeresting.

In this district, we also have a water fall called Sipi Falls. This is where water falls from the top of mountain to the floor.  This water is too heavy during  rainy season. You may wonder where it  flows because it is too risky to reach where there is a hole. Indeed it is so interesting.

There is also some mountains in Budunda district. This is part of Mbale district. This area is full of landslides. This occurs every year in rain season, and we always loose many people.  We and the Government have failed to understand why that area is like that.  But what most of them say is, their land is fertile.  That is to say it brings good yields. Agriculture is being taken important.

Another point is circumcision.  This is highly taken in Gishu land. All Men must get circumcised, although you are old.  This circumcision is accepted by the government and as a culture. The people go and ask the ancestors to allow them to start the celebrations.

Circumcision is not done every year because we have what we call a girl's year and a boy's year.  But we thank God that, in our family we are Christians. We do not undergo celebrations; we just take them to hospitals.  But our clan does circumcise because it's a culture.  All that is  part of my life.  That is why I like to tour and travel in order to know other peoples cultures.

According to my course, this is what I am hoping to do.  I want to put up a project of chickens, and if it goes well, it will bring a project of cows, goats, and pigs, then finally a super market. Is this a good plan?  Which advise can you give me.  I want to do that because jobs in Uganda are too rare to get.  I learnt this from my father

because it helped him and us so much.  However, my life has not yet been bad all along, but there are some jobs I tried to do in my of senior six vacca. I was a primary teacher, teaching lower classes, a painter and selling any big shop I mean making accountability.

In conclusion, although you get challenges and difficulties, life is more important than everything. Culture is important, and people have to obey the commands. So the above is part of my life story, and I really appreciate your teaching because it is making us to know what we had not yet known.







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